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Gatta Lego has been operating in the timber sales sector since 1984. Conquering beyond the Italian market also the European one. Thus becoming a reference as timber agency for some important productions from Austria and Germany


In addition to the promotion of wood. For a long time there has been a collaboration with dedaLEGNO and IdS Solutions Engineering to provide materials, including the best design tools.


In addition to working with a highly eco-sustainable material such as wood, our commitment to the environment is to use renewable timber, without hindering the deforestation of the planet.

Gatta Legno

Gatta Marco s.r.l has been present on the European market since 1984 as a timber agency of several significant productions from Austria and Germany.
For every category we have the possibility to offer a wide and competitive range of products, as well as delivery service and, upon request, also technical assistance.